Upcoming Posts and Sad News

Hi everyone. I’m back from a little marryin’, restin’ and relaxin’, and it’s taking me a bit to get back into the swing of things. Thanks for your patience. I have several interesting posts that are partially written on my crackberry regarding our formal wedding ceremony, the Oregon coast, a whole heck of a lot of cigar smoking (including an Ashton VSG Torpedo!), and all the surprising that people do to themselves in the name of fashion in public places (yeah, I know you probably don’t care about fashion and neither do I, but trust me, this’ll be a good one).

And in other interesting news, my poor wife can’t catch a break this year. Recently her father passed and we took an expensive, unplanned trip to Malaysia to attend to the ceremonies (yep, plural, there were several elaborate ceremonies). And just yesterday, as we were flying back into Atlanta, her beloved doggie Boshi was doing what he does best, mauling anything that enters the back yard. Unfortunately, a cobra was passing through and her dog was fatally wounded. The only good news is that when we were in Malaysia, we took a lot of pictures of Boshi.

I will be putting up a gallery specifically for Boshi on my photography website soon. [UPDATE: Direct link to gallery.]