Tramp Stamps, Crazy Beards and Humidor Seasoning: Things That Bring You Here!

Today has been a great day in terms of traffic to my little blog, and I’ve been enjoying watching the statistics. Clicking the “Blog Stats” tab throughout the day is a little like pulling the lever a slot machine. It doesn’t always pay off, but there are times when it really like I get a little change.

Until today, I’d pretty much just stuck with looking at the overall hit statistics, and the pages viewed on a given day. But today I noticed that some additional links I’d never tried following. One of them took me to a page that gave me both a weeks worth of page view stats, and the total hits for all pages for the past month. Well I just had to know what my most popular post is. I was definitely not expecting the one I saw. Which do you think it was? It was (and still is) Crazy Beards You Gotta See To Believe. I guess that could be discouraging, considering the time and effort I’ve put into cigar posts, but I think it’s both funny and interesting. (My most popular cigar post The Mystery of Proper Humidor Seasoning is #4.) When it all comes down to it, people want to see crazy beards.

I’ve also been looking through the search terms that bring people to my blog, and was very happy to see “Brian’s Random Thoughts” in the list several times. I have fans… well, at least people who remember my blogs name. 🙂 But what do you think the most popular phrase was? Wait for it…. it was variations of “lower back tattoo”, which leads them to my 12 Undead Fashion Atrocities post (#7 and rising fast) where I discuss the infamous Tramp Stamp.

UPDATE: I’m still laughing about crazy beards and lower back tattoos phenomenon and the hits keep coming in.  But I get it now.  The most popular blog on WordPress right now is “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?“, which purely pictures of “lolcats” (funny cats) and other cute pictures of animals, often overlaid with clever, misspelled text.  Hmm… I wonder if there’s a market for a “lolcigars” blog.

OK, the people want crazy beards and lower back tattoos. To steal a phrase from the Daily Show, here it is, your moment of zen:

Awesome. But before I sign off for this post, I did find one interesting thing in the blog stats. Somebody asked me a question. Well, not me exactly, but they Googled a question, and I’m going to answer it. With fancy formating.

Brian’s Random Thoughts Q & A

Q: Is seasoning my humidor necessary?

BRT: The answer is “it depends.” If your humidor is the traditional Spanish cedar lined humidor (which is generally a good idea), the answer is definitely yes. If you don’t season your humidor, your cigars will. What I mean is that the cedar lining will leech moisture and elements out of the surrounding atmosphere. And since a humidor is a sealed environment, the moisture and other elements will come from your cigars! It might be possible to avoid it by letting it sit empty (and closed) with a humidifier unit in it for a couple of weeks, but seasoning it will be faster.

The thing to keep in mind is seasoning doesn’t have to be a complicated thing with lots of chemicals. Buy a bottle of distilled water and treat and retreat the cedar lining with it.

If you have another type of humidor (especially if its not made of wood), I’d refer to the the instructions that came with it. A humidification unit/humidity beads may be all you need.

If you’d like a lot more in depth information, check out my post The Mystery of Proper Humidor Seasoning.

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