A Moment Of Embarrassment, Captured For Posterity

Moments ago my wife called me to come out of “the Manastery” (the home office/game room/cigar bar), and as is the norm, my answer was “just a minute.” I was right in the middle of reading a post. I told her I’d be out just as soon as I finished.

And then I realized it. I was reading my own blog. At some point, I had switched from reading random posts through WordPress’s Tag Surfer, and had started reading my own posts. 😳

You know what? My blog isn’t half bad, if I do say so myself. If I hadn’t ruined the experience by coming out of whatever delirium had seized me, I probably would have really enjoyed my last post. Seriously though, I’ve had a number of complements (not all from people I’ve bribed) and at least one criticism posted on another blog. If you’ve written something good enough for somebody to complain about, you’ve achieved a certain level of success. So I’ve made it to two milestones in the past couple of days. The blogs first complaint, and the first 1000 hits. I couldn’t be happier. 😀