Cabaiguan Belicoso Finos: She’s A Brick… Haaawwse!

CabaiguanContrary to what you might be thinking now, Brian has been smoking cigars. He’s been smoking a lot of cigars. Mild cigars, full-bodied cigars, mini-cigars, and even ACID cigars. In short, he’s been a hunky chimney. (Or is that chunky himney? Either way, a lotta smokin’.) It’s the kind of random profusion you’ve come to expect from this blog.

The hardest thing about writing these reviews is my policy of not reviewing a cigar until I’ve smoked it at least twice. (Thrice being preferable, but not always reasonable or possible.) With a fully loaded humidor, it’s hard to smoke the same cigar twice! I had planned that my next review would be of an ACID cigar, but I finished my evaluation of the Cabaiguan Belicoso Finos first! But enough with the palaver, bring on the smoke!

Cigar Stats
Size: 5 1/2 x 52
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price Per Cigar: $8-$10

The Pre-Smoke
Of course the very first thing I do with a cigar is take a few couple of sniffs. This cigar smells delicious. It has a rich, sweet almond or molasses smell (hard to put my finger on it).

The cold taste produced a faint grassy flavor with some caramel in one cigar, and only bits of spice in the other (which turned out to be plugged).

This is one solid cigar! Possibly the hardest cigar I’ve ever encountered. Neither cigar had any give to it. And cutting each was very difficult. In the first cigar, it cut through in one slow, finger-muscle-intensive chop. In the second, the cigar stopped the blades midway! And I was using a new double-bladed Xikar Xi2 cutter! That’s both impressive and disturbing.

In addition to being a great smelling cigar unlit, it is also very attractive looking. Very smooth, with fine veins.

The Burn
The first of these cigars was turned out to be plugged so badly that it was even impervious to Brian’s Draw Poker. Now that’s plugged. This same cigar also happened to have a crack in wrapper near the foot and it swelled and cracked several times near the burn as the cigar progressed. If you decide to buy one of these, I’d definitely recommend inspecting the cigar carefully before making your selection. (I was in a hurry. I think I was trying to get away with a covert purchase here… 😀 )

The second cigar was a much better experience. The draw was still a bit tighter than I’d like, but at least I didn’t nearly sprain my throat while puffing on it. Interestingly, it got tighter in the second third and loosened back up in the final third. It came as no surprise that the second cigar ashed much earlier than the first (which made to well over an inch).

The Flavor
With the flavor, I’m going to stick with the unplugged cigar. The plugged cigar didn’t have an unpleasant flavor, but I think it was skewed by the extra heat from labored drags. (Seriously, not worth the effort, but I was a man on a mission.)

The first third of the good cigar was nutty and a bit leathery and creamy. (I was taking taking an occasional drink of a Sweetwater 420 IPA, and that really brought out a toasty, grassy flavor.) I noted that this cigar stayed silky on the tongue well into the second third, where the flavor took on toasted nut, dry skin of almond (seriously) and graham taste. In the final third I got some cinnamon spice initially and the the return of the creaminess. And then it was kind like the cigar gave me a brief summary of the flavors in the previous two thirds. Which was actually kinda cool.

This cigar also had a lengthy, creamy nutty finish for the majority of the cigar.

The Price
Though it was a very nice looking cigar and a pretty good tasting, I think its a bit overpriced. And the problem with buying a box is that I think you’d lose too many of these guys to plugs. They’re just too tightly rolled. Even the cigar that smoked properly was pretty tight.

The Verdict
This is a pretty good cigar in spite of the tight draw. I was hoping that this might prove to be a cheaper alternative to the Diamond Crown Maximus (I really loved the flavor of that cigar). It didn’t live up to it. I would smoke this cigar again, but not at this price. I would give consideration to picking up a few more on CigarBid if I could secure a good price. Also, if you happen to be in a fire fight and you have a hole in your bullet proof vest, this cigar could be a life saver! And that hollow point just might loosen the draw for you! 😉

Quick Summary
Like It: YES
Buy It Again: MAYBE (Not at this price.)
Recommend It: MAYBE

What Other People Are Saying
I looked around, but I didn’t find all that many reviews of this cigar! I guess it could be because, according to the guy in the video below, there are only five people in the world rolling these beauties.

And I even found a YouTube video review of this cigar. This guy loves it, gives it a 9.5/10 and wants to sell you one. And he’s fun to listen to.

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