Think You’re Smart? This Kid Can Think Circles Around You

Smarter, Cuter and Younger Than YouJust damn. I like to think of my self as a pretty clever fellow, but it’s hard not to feel a little dumb and a little disappointed with your accomplishments when you hear about a kid like Georgia Brown. She’s 2 years old, and she has a test-verified I.Q. of 152. And she’s also the youngest member of Mensa. And she’s learning French. Did I mention she’s 2?

According to the story, for her age, she’s every bit as bright as Mr. Stephen Hawking. I find that bit of information more reassuring than jealousy-inspiring. I mean, Mr. Hawking is getting up there in years (not to mention struggling with nasty case of Lou Gehrig’s disease), it’s good to know we’ll have a good crop of walking brains poised to take his place.

On a mostly unrelated note, the SweetWater Brewing Company may have found themselves an unwitting new spokes… er… girl. Yes, as luck would have it, there is a beer named Georgia Brown, and they make it. Most businesses would kill for this kind of good fortune. They don’t have to. I recommend they cash in with the slogan “Georgia Brown: Pure Genius”. And hey, SweetWater? Howzabout, hookin’ me up with cash or beer for the idea? You know it’ll be huge! I’ll assume the check is in the mail. 🙂

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ACID Blondie: The Gateway Cigar Or Clove Smoker’s Friend?

ACID BlondieIt’s taken me quite a while to get to this review. And there’s a couple of reasons for that. To begin with I decided that since this was both a relatively inexpensive and unusually flavored cigar, that I’d smoke at least six of them. The first two or three I’d just enjoy without taking any real notes so I could kind of develop a feel for the cigar. Then I’d start paying attention and taking notes.

The other reason for really dragging this out is so that I could try to puzzle out the unusual flavors. Your standard “nutty”, “woody” and “coffee” descriptions didn’t seem like they’d be useful descriptions of this cigar. And the standard cigar flavor wheel may not be all that helpful either. So to help in my efforts, after smoking a few, I went to the incense section of my local Bed, Bath and Beyond and started sniffing around. I think that helped somewhat, which sort of made up for the headache it gave me. Anyway, I’m not sure I actually nailed the flavors, but I definitely got closer by the final smoke. I give myself an A+ for effort.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 4 x 38 (Short Panatela)
Wrapper: Cameroon, Honduras, Indonesia
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua
Price: $3.33
Smoking Time: Around an hour

The Pre-Smoke
For the most part these cigars were very consistent in appearance with a smooth, extremely light colored wrapper that borders on being yellow. The majority of them also had a nice oily sheen with the occasional small bump here or there.

The cigar itself has a very soft feel, generally feeling a bit harder at the head (probably due to the cap). There was some unevenness in the feel in all the cigars, but I only one of these cigars had serious burn issues.

I only had one issue with cutting the cigar. In the very last one, after cutting the cap, I got a ridiculous amount of tobacco fragments in my mouth. Brushing the clipped end and even tapping it wasn’t enough to prevent this unpleasant introduction to the cigar.

The first thing you will notice (guaranteed) with the cold taste is the overwhelming syrupy sweetness of the wrapper. In the cold draw I of course detected that sweetness, but also an interesting minty coolness in the back of the throat.

The Burn
In the first two thirds of the cigar, The Blondie burns a nice, fairly even pace with a attractive solid ash. But in the final third it trends toward a faster more erratic burn, often with flowering or flaking ash.

If this is a cigar you decide to smoke to the nub, there’s a good chance you will need to relight or touch up in the final third.

The Flavor
OK, now for the hard part. In the first third of this cigar, the sweetness dominates. Initially, it’s all syrup. But as it smokes it evolves into a flavor that is reminiscent of a honey-clove mixture. At different points I also tasted flavors like orange peel and ginger. The mint that was present in the cold taste was not present in the smoke that I could tell. The flavor is somewhat comparable to “African Amber” incense I’ve smelled in my “tour de stench” at the Bed, Bath and Beyond. Not quite, but pretty close.

In the second third, I noted that one cigar tasted an awful lot I was smoking Dr. Pepper. The sweetness had diminished somewhat, and more of a spicy ginger, clove and occasionally cedar hints were present. In one cigar I actually felt a slight tingling sensation on my tongue.

In the final third it starts to get interesting. Many of the previous flavors are still present, but less powerful. The cigar actually starts tasting like a traditional cigar just before the very end with elements of caramel and wood. In one cigar, the special infused ACID flavors were all but gone in the final couple of puffs. Because of this, I can see the possibility that a smoker who enjoyed this cigar, may be lead to try traditional, natural-wrappered cigars if they find the final third especially pleasing.

The Price
I paid a premium for these guys, buying them loose from a pricey cigar shop, but even at the inflated price, I don’t think they’re a bad deal. It seem more expensive for the faster smoker (I do prefer to smoke my cigars more leisurely than most), but for me it seems reasonable.

The Verdict
I have mixed feelings about this cigar. To be honest, I kind of got tired of smoking it. (Which also contributed to the time it took to write this review.) The flavors are just too strong. It’s kinda like getting punched in the mouth by a drunk, honey-covered Winnie the Pooh. It’s kinda cute, but kinda unpleasant at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it at times too, particularly when I was on the road. I guess I could say it’s a good cigar to smoke when you’re busy doing other things. 🙂

I can see myself buying a Blondie or two again sometime in the future on a whim, but this isn’t a cigar I’ll ever buy by the box. Especially given that it is not a cigar that plays nicely with other cigars. Keeping them around is a bit of a nuisance, you really do need to keep them in a completely different humidor from your traditional smokes. Or you can do what I’ve done, keep them in a zip lock bag with an inexpensive humidification element.

Oh yeah, one other thing. You will likely feel this cigar the next day. The day following smoking one, my throat was a noticeably rougher than after smoking traditional cigars. It could be just some sensitivity I have to one of the infused flavors, but it’s also something to look out for.

Quick Summary
Buy It Again: MAYBE (only for immediate smoke)
Recommend It: YES (To anyone who likes clove cigarettes or other herbal smokes. Shorty, if you’re reading this, you should try one of these guys out.)

What Other People Are Saying
There aren’t a lot of reviews out there for ACID cigars, which isn’t surprising. A lot of cigars smokers either dislike flavored cigars, or simply don’t take them seriously. Which is a good part of the reason I reviewed this cigar! I’m all about bucking the trend. 😉

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