Wanna Read This Blog? I Need To See Some ID

Well it’s official. This is an adult blog. If you wanna keep reading, you gotta prove to me your at least 17. Or you have a parent looking over your shoulder. (If you’re under 17, you probably do, you just don’t realize it.) For now, I’ll assume your ID is in the mail.

Brian's Random Thoughts, Rated R

I figured there was a good chance that I’d get at least a PG-13. But I didn’t get the rating because of the frequent discussion of cigars and other tobacco products, as I would have expected. I got the naughty rating because of the use of the following words:

  • “hell” – 4 times.
  • “asshole” – 2 times.
  • “pissed” – 1 time. (Which shouldn’t count because I meant “drunk”, damn it!)

(Of course, now my ratings will be even worse. Damn it! Shit!) So apparently, it’s not a very sophisticated rating system, it’s pretty much a website crawler with a dictionary of naughty words. (I could make one. 💡 And I might just if I have the time. Hell yeah.)

But you know you wanna try it out on your blog anyway. You’ll be pissed if you don’t! You can find the blog rater here. And you know, if your blog is coming in a little low on the naughtiness scale, you don’t have to be an asshole about it. It’s pretty easy thing to rectify. (Hell yeah, damn it! 😉 ) Enjoy!

(And apologies about this Tourettes post. I swear future posts won’t have so much damn swearing in them. I just want to see if I can get to NC-17.)

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Dubai Palm Shaped Resort Islands Now On Google Maps

The Palm JumeirahPerhaps you remember reading about the fantastically expensive resorts the United Arab Emirates. You know the ones that were being built on manufactured islands reclaimed from the ocean shaped like palm trees? Well, if you don’t, here’s a couple of articles (ABC and USA Today) to bring you up to speed.

But because your time is valuable, and here at Brian’s Random Thoughts we’re all about giving you the most for your money (I’ll assume the check is in the mail), here’s the executive summary:

  • 100 mansions on each palm frond.
  • Estimated capacity: 120,000 residents.
  • Nothing going for under a cool million bucks.
  • Built on land reclaimed from the sea.
  • 32 hotels. (Including Trump International hotel.)
  • A water park.
  • A mono rail.

But there’s two things you probably don’t realize. The first is that there are two three of these reclaimed, palm shaped islands! Two! Three! I don’t know about you, but just one of these guys blew my mind. Hey, it’s good to know our gasoline dollars are being put to good use. (And I’m gonna need a place to stay once I’m fantastically rich.) 😉

And to prove it, I need to bring up the second point: Two of these crazy cool resort islands are now on Google Maps! (That’s where I got the picture for this post. Doncha just love Google?)

Here’s some quick links to the resort islands:

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