And I’m Back: A Quick Note

Brian and Monkey Poo HarrisAbout 3500 miles, a few cigars and a lot of microbrew samplers later, I’m back from the roadtrip. I had hoped to in some way document the adventure on a more “live” basis, but at best our internet access was unreliable, and often complete non-existent. (Who knew my Crackberry’s data service provider didn’t cover the vast open stretches of Wyoming?)

Also, a quick word of thanks to Emon of Emonome and Nicole of Pinch My Salt for the road-trip t-shirts. As you can see in the picture, we put ’em to good use! In fact, we even did some wash along the way and wore ’em again a bit later in the trip!

This post will have to be short, I have a lot of catching up to do. Have no fear, the trip not only recharged the batteries, it also provided a great deal of blog worthy material and pictures. The first will probably be our review of the five microbreweries we visited in five different states. But for now, it’s time to finish unpacking, washing and returning email…