Los Blancos Primos Habana Criollo Rosado

Los Blancos Primos Habana Criollo RosadoIs it just me, or has time been flying by at Concorde speeds the past couple of months? Every time I turn around, it seems like another week has gone by, and the post I just wrote is now an ancient internet relic. And just now I’m realizing I almost didn’t write anything at all this week! (I also notice I seem to have had this Tuesday thing going. You probably thought I planned it that way. I’m willing to let you keep believing that.) So it’s time for a new post. And why not make it a cigar review post?

The cigars I smoked for this review I knew very little about while I was smoking them. The sum of my knowledge regarding these smokes was the “Primos” part of the name, and a sense of gratitude to Tex Cigars for sending them to me. According to some schools of thought, that may make for a more honest review. Of course, I messed all that up by doing a little research. The Primos Habana Criollo Rosado is a bundled cigar put out by Los Blancos. According to the website, the cigar is on the fuller side of medium, and full of subtle nuances that “the discerning palate will enjoy.” Discerning palate? Hey, that’s me! (Isn’t it?) But enough of what the folks in the Los Blancos marketing department think of the cigar, let’s see what I think.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 6 x 52 (toro)
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru
Smoking Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Beverage: Water
Price: ~$2.50 (buy ’em here)

The Pre-Smoke
As you would expect from the name, the cigar does have a bit of a reddish look to the wrapper. But when I took a closer look, I noticed some interesting things. A couple of small spots with a greenish hue and the darkened imprints of the binder veins in the wrapper. On one cigar, these darkened vein-rubbings kinda looked to me like Kanji. (Which you gotta admit is kind of cool.)

And if you think I’m crazy to liken the darker spots in the cigars wrapper to Kanji, just wait until I tell you about the band. It looks to be full of Masonic symbols! (OK, I admit it, I went to see National Treasure last night, and I’m convinced that an elaborate set of obscure clues will lead me to untold riches, beginning with this cigar band.) Well, almost. Instead of a square forming a ‘V’, you have swords. And then there’s the five hands clasping together in a star shape over a scroll of paper. Hey, this can mean only one thing: Los Blancos are the super secret descendants of the Knights Templar. But before I embark on an tale of international intrigue, I better finish this review.

The scent of the wrapper was a light sweet barnyard that became richer and more chocolatey at the foot. After testing and finding the cigar to be pretty consistently firm, I clipped the cigar with my flamboyantly-red (and increasingly dull) Xikar to take a cold taste. I tasted a rich dark chocolate.

The Burn
In the three cigars I smoked for this review, I found a fairly consistent burn scenario. The cigar starts off burning even, but starts to lose the plot a bit by the latter point of the second third. Generally speaking, one side burns faster toward the end of the second third, and requires a bit of correction. But once corrected, the rest of the cigar burns a bit more evenly.

In two of the three sticks, the draw was irreproachable. As for the third, it started off tighter than I prefer, but loosened into an acceptable draw. Even at it’s tightest, it wasn’t bad enough that for a minute I considered tossing it out. It was only a slight irritation.

The Flavor
The cigars opened up with a earthy, nutty couple of puffs before becoming woodier and spicier in flavor. The spiced didn’t last long though, and shorty I was tasting toffee, caramel and sweet coffee. In one cigar, I noted that it tasted very much like brown sugar. These sweet flavors carried the cigar through the first third.

In the second third the cigar became creamier, and I detected at different intervals more brown sugar, berries, cinnamon and a sweet grain flavor that I’ve been trying to name for a while now. Having toured a brewery or two in my time, I think it reminds me of some of the grains used to make beer, because every time I taste this sweet grain flavor, I immediately think of beer. (Either that, or I need to join AA pretty soon.)

Some of the sweetness and the vegetal and grainy flavors remained in the final third. I also noted some chocolate as the body picked up a bit. But by the final third, I had the distinct impression that the show was over, and smoking the last half of the last third was like sitting in crowded parking lot after the game waiting to get out. Well, that’s probably over stating it a bit. I didn’t find the final third to be unpleasant, it was just obvious that the magic was gone.

Speaking of the body, I’d say that this cigar is pretty solidly medium in body, but I hesitate to say medium-full as shown on the official website. But of course, I’m an intentionally slow smoker. Faster smokers may find that the added speed brings the cigar into the medium-full range.

The Price
Who can complain about a two and a half buck stick? Thomas Marshal (who should be portrayed in a movie by William H. Macy), Woodrow Wilson’s Vice President famously said, “what this country needs is a good five-cent cigar.” With inflation taken into consideration, I think we have a candidate for the title here in the Primos Habana Criollo Rosado! (Did I just give away the verdict?)

The Verdict
As the saying goes, this cigar is a bargain at twice the price. It definitely exceeded my expectations of a bundled cigar, and I can see why Jarrod from Tex Cigars started carrying them. To paraphrase what he told me, he smoked one, and without even knowing what it was or who make it, he knew he had to carry it. Good call, sez I. Anyway, I owe them a big thanks for sending the cigars my way to review, and ask that if you’re interested in trying these out for yourself that you consider buying them from my friends over at Tex Cigars!

And don’t be afraid to let me know what you think of them! From time to time, readers leave mini reviews in the comments, and I welcome that!

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Yes
Recommend It: Yes

The Cigar In Action
Here like one of them new-fangled movin’ picture things is the cigar in action.

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  1. December 23, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    What’s with names that are longer than the cigar ? I thought Fuente Fuente Opus X was bad. I’ll bet I can smoke that cigar faster than you can say the name out loud.

  2. stinkie said,

    December 24, 2007 at 10:05 am

    Long name but a hell of a cigar for the price. Another good choice in the under $3 range.

  3. Cigar Jack said,

    December 24, 2007 at 10:58 am

    Heh, I just reviewed the same cigar today. Stop copying me! LOL Yeah it was a pretty good smoke for the price. I’d definitely pick them up again.

  4. Brian said,

    December 26, 2007 at 11:51 am

    I hear you cigarsmokingman! I started getting cramps typing the name!

    Absolutely right stinkie, this is a great cigar for the price. I’m trying to think of another cigar in this price range that is anywhere near as good. I can’t think of anything!

    You caught me CJ! What I like to do is call up those late night TV psychics. I ask them, “Tell me what Cigar Jack is smoking! I must scoop him on the review!” They ask me if I’m serious. Most people call in to ask about their love live. “Love life?!” I respond, “Cigars are far more important!” (LOL, I just kill me.)

  5. cowgalutah said,

    January 9, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    Just taking a quick tour of the place…here via four bux. The cartoon on his page just made me think I was missing something. And now I know what it was… so the next time I get the old man some cigars for a special occasion I’ll stop here for the best info on what to get him.

  6. Brian said,

    January 9, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Thanks for visiting cowgalutah,
    I’ll be here, and happy to help you make that cigar selection!

  7. Carl Smith said,

    April 5, 2010 at 11:37 am

    I met Ceasar Blancos (the kid/son) at a recent smoker in St. Pete., FL. I bought a few of these sticks to try but, tried the Sumatra Los Blancos that evening. He asked me if he could have some of the scotch I was having with my cigar… he smelled it and then stuck his nose up at it. How polite. Our discussion moved to college football… odd for a cigar marketer trying to sell his brand. Anyway, on at least 10 occasions the Blancos boy said he “HATES” the Gators (UF). Since I’m a Gator, that translates to he “HATES” me. How tacky. I will never spend another penny with him or his family because of his low class attitude. He also is a braggart about his pricey BMW and million homes in Florida. Maybe he needs to cut the price of his sticks in half and be a real man like the rest of us. Plus, I will tell everyone I know what a smuck he is. Flora de Oliva will continue to be my “bundle” smoke.

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