CAO Mission Escaparate Movie

I know, I know, it’s been a while. The standard disclaimers apply regarding why the blog has been so quiet lately. Instead of me spinning a long yarn about all the reasons, I’ll leave it to you to select the excuses you like the most. Feel free to mix and match.

Reasons Brian Hasn’t Written A Post Lately

  • He’s been legally dead for tax reasons.
  • He won the lottery and moved to Peru.
  • Cigar Jack killed him to eliminate the cigar review competition.
  • He got trapped in a Joe Drinker cartoon ala A-Ha’s Take On Me music video.
  • He’s trapped under a fallen humidor and can’t reach the keyboard.
  • He’s busy planting evidence in McLovin‘s living room.

And once you’re done considering all the bad things that may explain my absence, take a few minutes to check out this funny new video from CAO. You may not find out much about the Escaparate, but you will see Jon Huber (CAO’s Director of Lifestyle Marketing) wield a disembodied hand to disable a security system. And really, isn’t that enough? Enjoy!

CAO Mission Escaparate Part 1

CAO Mission Escaparate Part 2

And check back again, I’ll be reviewing a cigar or two compliments of the guys at the local Tinderbox and Tex Cigars! (Really, I haven’t forgotten- thanks again guys!)

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