About Brian

Brian is an independent contractor in the IT world that finds blogging an enjoyable creative outlet. He loves monkeys, cigars, travel, photography, literature and a whole host of other topics that constantly struggle for prominence. He is sometimes known for his caffeine-fueled rants and various crackpot theories, but tries not to take himself too seriously, even when writing in the 3rd person.

Bonus Information! (By Special Request)

  • He loves wearing shirts that irritate his wife.
  • He once smoked a dried-out, 5-year old Macanudo cigar just to see how awful it would be. He also lied about it and told people it was a cuban.
  • He hates yard work, and bought a condo as far above green things that require cutting as he could afford.
  • He bought a second french press coffee pot for the office because he is a pompous ass.
  • He’d be a skinny man if he didn’t love expensive, high-calorie micro-brewed and imported beers.

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