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If you’re at all like me, you’re both handsome and a great lover. Seriously though, you probably have had some trouble finding the information you need on the cigars you’re smoking or thinking about buying. Sometimes, you plug the name of the cigar in question in the search engine and get page after page of hits for retailers that sell the cigar, but the official website of the manufacturer is nowhere to be found.

If any of that sounds familiar, this page is for you. Here for your convenience is an alphabetized list of official cigar maker websites. Please note that as the cigar industry is ever changing, this list may not include some manufacturers or may include links to sites that are taken down. If you know of one I’m missing, or have found a broken link, please let me know using the contact form below and I’ll be happy to correct the list. Additionally, the brands listed below are the legal U.S. domestic versions, for information on Cuban cigars of the same name, check out the Habanos S.A. website. Long Ashes!

  1. 601
  2. ACID
  3. Alec Bradley
  4. Arganese
  5. Arturo Fuente *
  6. Ashton
  7. Avalon
  8. Avo
  9. Bolivar
  10. Cabaiguan
  11. CAO
  12. Camacho
  13. Cohiba
  14. Cuesta Rey *
  15. Cusano
  16. Davidoff
  17. Diamond Crown *
  18. Don Tomas
  19. Dona Flor
  20. Drew Estate
  21. El Primer Mundo *
  22. EO 601
  23. Gran Habano
  24. Graycliff
  25. Gurkha
  26. H. Upmann
  27. Helix
  28. Hoyo De Monterrey, Excalibur
  29. La Aroma De Cuba
  30. La Flor Dominicana
  31. La Gloria Cubana
  32. La Unica *
  33. Macanudo
  34. Oliva
  35. Padilla
  36. Padron
  37. Partagas
  38. Perdomo
  39. Punch
  40. Puros Indios
  41. Rocky Patel
  42. San Cristobal
  43. Sancho Panza
  44. Sosa
  45. Spag & Co.
  46. Tatuaje
  47. Torano
  48. Zino *

* Music/Volume Warning: This website plays music or other loud sounds, you may want to turn down the volume!

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