What Are The Top Ten Blogs Worth?

Recently I ran across a post on Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog that lets you calculate the worth of your blog (via BabyChaos) by submitting it’s URL. Of course, there’s no way to resist the attraction of knowing, in nickels and dimes, how my schizophrenic posts on lolcats, cigars and crazy beards is worth. I was impressed, my blog is worth more than I expected. In theory, anyways.

My blog is worth $1,129.08.

How much is your blog worth?

Wow. For a minute, I had delusions of retiring to blog for a living. Of course, this figure is just monopoly money. It looks really great, but it won’t buy you an americano when you need one. Since it’s not actually worth anything, I thought it might be fun to use it as a yardstick to measure my blog against Technorati’s top ten blogs.

To save you the effort of doing this yourself (I’m all about convenience), here are the figures.

  1. Engadget.com – $15,510,736.50
  2. BoingBoing.net – $11,645,895.66
  3. Gizmodo.com – $10,410,117.60
  4. TechCruch.com – $10,068,006.36
  5. HuffingtonPost.com – $7,941,384.18
  6. LifeHacker.com – $7,989,370.08
  7. ArsTechnica.com – $7,344,100.86
  8. PostSecret.blogspot.com – $6,736,091.28
  9. DailyKos.com – $6,627,699.60
  10. MichelleMalkin.com – $5,826,617.34

Total Value of the Top Ten: $90,100,019.46

Interestingly enough, though the HuffingtonPost is listed as more popular on Technorati, LifeHacker is actually worth slightly more money. I wonder how that works. (Both the rating scheme and the value calculation are based on statistics from Technorati.) Also amazing is that #1 Engadget is nearly 3 times as valuable as #10 MichelleMalkin. The gap between Engadget and #2 BoingBoing is also the largest in the top ten.

Of course, I can’t just stop there, I need to know the stats on some other websites I frequent.

And no post of mine would be complete without some mention of cigars. I’m building a pretty good list of cigar themed blogs in Google Reader, here’s some of my current favorites. (If you’re not on the list below, I may not have found your blog yet!)

It’s interesting to compare the differences in calculated values between the cigar blogs and other blogs out there. The gap in values doesn’t surprise me, after all, cigar smoking is still very much an offline activity. And most major manufacturers still have a very minimal and sometimes primitive presence on the web.

[UPDATE 5/18/07: I just realize that I left off the single most important, hard hitting news blog out there: I Can Has Cheezeburger. I.C.H.C. is worth $893,102.28.]

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